12 Volt Utility Shower Pump – Submersible


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12 Volt Utility Shower Pump

Outlet Diameter 10 m/m
Delivery Volume 11 Litres per minute
Delivery Head 5 metres
Power Souce 12 volt DC
Current 24 WATTS
Solar Panel AMPS 2 AMPS


  • Fits into the inlet of a jerry can.
  • Easy to fill water tank from river
  • Move water from a tank to kitchen sink or shower
  • Transporting fish and/or bait boxes
  • Camping caravans water and shower systems


  • Can connect directly to car battery/ charger terminal while car is running.
  • Can be used with solar panel ( 2 amps, 30 watt panel) in conjunction with battery and voltage regulator if solar only.
  • Fits directly into drum / tank nozzle
  • Perfect for camping and getting water out of a 24 litre drum hassle free.
  • Power Source – 12V DC from a cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.
  • Rated flow 10 L/min. Actual flow delivery at 2 M height is 4.1L/min.
  • Rated operating pressure  0.5 Bar
  • This pump is made for pumping water only. NB: Not for any other liquids.



Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm

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