5 Disc Mist Maker 24 volt


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WM50 5 disc mister 24 volt
Model Disc Cable length Power Depth below surface Water rate Dimensions
WM50 5 Disc 10m AC24V 200 Watt 30~50mm 400 ml/h 85mm H55mm


Regular fountains operate by recirculating water to achieve the relaxing sound that many homeowners have come to love. Misting fountains take it one step further by creating the illusion of mist or fog. It doesn’t use chemicals to create this fog, it uses ultrasonic vibrations.

A Mist Maker adds ambiance to a Halloween party and can even keep garden plants hydrated. The Mist Maker produces a billowing mist that floats out of water. Place the Mist Maker in any container of water, whether an outdoor water fountain or a party punch bowl, for a foggy, mysterious special effect. The misting unit uses ceramic discs to help turn regular tap water into billowing mist.

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