5m High 12 volt Water Pump and Solar Panel


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5m High 12 volt Water Pump and Solar Panel

Ideal for your water features and ponds.

Our 5m High Solar Water Pump/Feature, Fuse, and Panel combo is exactly what you need to beautify your garden. This product is user-friendly and durable.

– Comes with a 30-watt solar panel and 2 amp fuse
– Submersible pump able to run continuously. Can be used in-line. Great pressure for this small pump

Pump specifications:
  • Max Flow Rate: 12L/min
  • Max Static Lift: 5M
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • 2,2 amp
  • Impeller Type: Closed mag-drive impeller
  • Outlet: 10mm
  • Motor: 28W
Tip: Always use a fuse from your power source.
Recommended that you use a voltage regulator and battery to optimize life span.


  • Pond
  • Water Features
  • Fountains
  • Hydroponics
  • Water dispensers.
  • Coldwater gas geyser supply.


30 Watt Solar Panel Specifications:

  • Maximum Power 30W
  • Open Circuit Voltage 35.5V
  • Short-Circuit Current 8.64A
  • Power Voltage 12V
  • Power Current 8.14A
  • Nominal Operating Temperature 45 – Degrees to 85 Degrees Celsius
  • Operating Temperature -40 Degrees Celsius to 85 Degrees Celsius


Click here to see how you can assemble our Waterhouse 12V Solar Pond Pump Combo

Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 196 × 100 × 5 cm

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