AdBlue Pump 12 volt 30 L/min


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AdBlue Pump 12 volt 30 L/min

The Pro Pump range of diaphragm pumps are ideal for use in and around the home, garden, leisure areas and farms for a variety of applications. Some of the application areas include transfer delivery, crop spraying, water filtration, urea transfer and a broad range of chemicals. Also for pressure boosting. Urea solution.

This model has clamp ports for easy installation,  Delivers smooth, consistent water flow with no interruption and are self priming and can run dry.

Each pump, know as a demand pump, has a pressure switch allowing automation of switching on and off, should the water run dry. It will also automatically switch on or off on opening/closing of valves or taps.

As the resistance is high on a 16a 12 volt product, this pump CANNOT run continuously for a periods longer than 30 minutes, after which the pump needs to cool down to ambient temperature before resuming operation.

I.E. Intended for intermittent use

  • ADBlue Pump 16A Urea Pump
  • Available in EPDM and Viton
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Maximum Flow rate: 30 LPM (8 GPM)
  • Pressure Bar (psi): 2,5 bar (40psi)
  • Amps: 16a
  • Fittings: Female 1″ (25mm) reduced to 3/4″ (16mm) outlet.
  • Thermal protection on motor.



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Weight 6 kg