Air Compressor Pump 65L/Min, 35Watt, 0.027Mpa


Air Compressor Piston Pump 65L/Min 35Watt, 0.027Mpa. Suitable for fish ponds and aquariums. Helps with Oxygenation of water.

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Air Compressor Piston Pump 65L/Min, 35Watt, 0.027Mpa

This air compressor piston air pumps provide a high air output with great efficiency for helping the oxygenation of the water.


– They are of great quality and virtually maintenance-free.
– They are non-oil lubricated ( therefore contamination-free). Suitable for ponds and aquariums.
– They can also be used for hydroponics, dusting, inflation, manufacturing processes. etc.
– The finned aluminum casing dissipates heat for cooler motor running.
– Ideal for running several applications from the same pump.
– Includes a brass connector & hose and plastic manifold.

– Model: ACO-003
– Volts: 220V
– Frequency: 50Hz
– Power: 35W
– Pressure: 0.027Mpa
– Output: 65L/min
– Dia. of Mouth: 8mm
– 6 Port Output Manifold.
– Weight: 1.7kg
– Size: 225x115x130mm

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 11.5 × 13 cm

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