Crystal Ball Dandelion Fountain Nozzle 40mm


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Crystal Ball Dandelion Fountain Nozzle 40mm

If there was ever a word we would use to describe our Dandelion Fountain Nozzle, it would be “SHOWSTOPPER”. This nozzle produces a beautiful “crystal-like” sphere of water that is sure to be mesmerizing.

  • Inlet Size : 1.5” (DN40)
  • Jet height: 1.5M, Covering Diameter: 1.2M
  • Operating pressure: 80-100KPa, Water-jet Volume: 20-25 m³/h
  • The sphere is made of copper or made of stainless steel
Model Joint Size Pressure ( Kpa) Spray Height (m) Water cover diameter (m) Weight(g) Material
HR CRYSTAL BALL 1-1/2” 80-100 0.5 0.8 450 Brass 304
HR CRYSTAL BALL 2” 80-100 0.7 1.0 830
HR CRYSTAL BALL 80-100 1.0 0.8 3100


Dandelion fountains  main produce by  independently adjustable Clear Jet Nozzles. Middle add ball fountain nozzle. Stunning multi-jet water displays can be created by adjusting the individual jets into various patterns such as; Domed Center Drop, Outside Drop, Inside Drop, Vertical Jets Pattern, Inside Basket Weave, or Outside Basket Weave. These patterns can be changed without the need for special tools. Several spray rings can be used at once to create additional water patterns. The use of submersed lighting adds further spectacle to the water display. The Spray Ring is suitable for use within a pond, existing water feature or by using them i water parks

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