DVS750F Submersible Drainage Pump


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This pump is designed to remove water, waste, and other small materials from your home’s septic tank or sewage system.

  • Stainless steel and cast iron structure
  • High resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • Fitted with a floating switch
  • Automatically cut-off in the case of overheat or over-current
  • Safe and reliable running under worse circumstances

This V series sewage pump, single-phase, and three-phase pumps will be your ideal drainage helper. The letter “V” which substitutes for the letters “WQ” indicates the distinct design of the filter and the broadness of the high efficient area. It can work safely and efficiently at high flux with the features of complete heads. It is designed to a wide tunnel which helps to convey the long-fiber liquid or solids whose diameter is about 15mm/25 mm/35mm.

HT V series pump performance curve

Technical Specs:

  • Power: 0.75kW | 1.0HP
  • Max flow: 18m3/h
  • Head max: 12m
  • Highest liquid temperature: 40℃
  • Max. immersion depth: 5m
  • Solids size: 8/15mm
  • PH valve of liquid: 4-10
  • The kinematic viscosity of liquid:  7×10-7 to 23×10-6 m2/s
  • The maximum density of the liquid:  1.2x103kg/m3

Dimensions: (L x W x H)

  • 260 x 195 x 540mm
  • Weight: 19.5kg

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Weight 20 kg