DVW2200-1 Submersible Drainage Pump


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DVW2200-1 Submersible Drainage Pump

This pump is commonly installed to move wastewater from a range of domestic and industrial sites.

  • Can pump solids up to 40 mm
  • NOT for continuous use
MODEL POWER Max Head Max Flow
Gross weight
Inlet Size
kW/volt m L/hour
DVW2200-1 2.2kw/220v 22 17000 26


It uses a single (three)phase power source, overall stainless steel structure defends rust and bears causticity strong( pH value 4-10), Can be allocated with the cutting device. Has the ability can cut micro-fiber, crushed substances with the powerful sewage disposal capability. It can pass through the filthy substance with a large granule diameter. It is fit for conveying and discharging sewage and dirty substance.

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