Plastic Bubbler Foam Jet Nozzle


Plastic Bubbler Jet Nozzle. Requires high water volumes. Great for aerating ponds and water features. Professional Plastic Nozzle Quality.

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Plastic Bubbler Foam Jet Nozzle

Classic Foam Nozzle seen in water features.

WF 05-B BUBBLER JET Fountain Head – 25mm fitting
  • 0.5bar-2 bar pressure required.
  • min 5000 litre/hour pump required.
  • Noise level is quite high with nozzle.
  • Splash level is also quite high with this nozzle. Min 0,5m diameter needed to avoid water loss from splashing.
  • Professional  Pond Nozzle Quality



  • Great for aeration of pond or water feature.
  • Use with the WF-O5 FK Kit and pipe assembly (Plastic fountain kit 7 Piece)
  • Also suit water parks and children’s play fountains

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