Pond Leaf Skimmer


Mechanical Pond Leaf Skimmer with floating basket. Able to adjust levels in depths between 40cm-80cm. Attaches to pump inlet/ suction.

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Pond Leaf Skimmer

Keep your pond looking fresh and beautiful with this skimmer that removes floating debris from your pond.

The SwimSkim 50 has an integrated whirlpool function. Floating mechanical unit that operates in depths up to 80cm, additionally, enrich’s the water with vital oxygen and thus improves the water quality.

Operates on the suction end of your submersible pump.

Mechanical Skimmer Telescoping upright floater
Pump capacity max. 4500 L/h
Connection Fitting 20mm-40mm
Operating Depths 40cm – 80cm

  • The result is clearly improved water quality and viewing depth through direct removal of pollutants on the surface
  • The base basket can be secured with pebbles or stones on the pond floor.
  • Floating suction bucket that adjusts level as the pond level fluctuates.
  • Easy cleaning with basket removal
  • Automatic adaptation to any water level (up to 80 cm water depth)
  • Powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces up to 25 m²

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