Pond Vacuum Cleaner


Pond Vacuum Cleaner. Simple and strong pond vacuum. Fitted front-end brush to scrub and vacuum ponds. 6000L/h 2m Telescoping Pole. 6m Hose

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Motor size/volume Economical 250W Motor/ 6000L/h
Debris Removal Removes up to 20mm debris size
Power Cable Length 10M 3 core cable.
Control Remote Control or Manual
Maximum Suction Depth 5M
Pole Length 2m Telescoping Pole
Length of Discharge Hose 6M Smooth Bore Spiral reinforced 1,5″


  • Tackle your pond maintenance needs with this Pond vacuum PC1. This vacuum has 250 watts worth of motor power that doesn’t die in the middle of a job and a fitted brush for getting to stubborn algae build-up.
  • This classic pond vacuum comes with several accessories that are useful when clearing the pond of sludge and vacuuming fish ponds.
  • Includes a remote control switch.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 500 cm