WH12000 Shaft and Impellor


Replacement impellor and shaft for the Waterhouse 12000 litre/hour pond pump. Ceramic shaft and steel rotor. Caution needed when fitting.

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WH12000 Shaft and Impellor

Replacement impellor for the Waterhouse WH12000 pond pump

  • Impellor sizes are unique to pumps and model numbers.
  • Use the exact size impeller for a specified pump model.
  • Clean the impellor frequently to increase their life span.
  • As sand and debris are abrasive, the result could lead to premature wear and tear on the housing and impellor, seizing or burning the pump out.
  • Be cautious of the fitting of this impellor.


The Impeller is plastic, steel, and ceramic part fitted to the inside housing of a pump.

The part can be found inside the pump, which is therefore used to drive the water simultaneously out of the pump.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm